Hello Friends!! It has been longer than it should have. I have lots of news I want to share!

I’m doing some updating of my site here to include new photos, and update my resume. I have neglected my website because I have been so busy in NYC – working, acting, moving….

Oh yes, moving. After many conversations, my husband and I (who have been living on opposite coasts since 2014) have finally come to a compromise. After 14 years of marriage, and 3 years living apart, we moved in together near Ashland, OR. Ashland is home, of course, to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in addition to a number of other professional and quality theatre companies. It is a beautiful place surrounded by mountains and not far from the coast. It feels so good to be in a smaller and more intimate community that still has a vibrant and growing theatrical community, and I am really thrilled to be back where I belong on the West Coast.

I will continue to post here as I pursue my career from a smaller community. I will certainly be travelling back to the Bay Area, as well as Portland and Seattle.

First up! I will be attending the United General Auditions in Seattle, WA on March 27. It is a wonderful way to introduce myself to the Pacific Northwest Community, and I’m looking forward to becoming a part of the community.

I have new photos on my Photos page, and new entries on my Resume page. I can’t wait to have time to update my page more often.